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PUCO – Apples to Apples and Beyond

In Ohio, as in most deregulated states, residential and commercial ohio energy consumers have the option to choose an alternative supplier for their generation supply. This allows them to shop competitive rates and contract terms. The Public Utility Commission of Ohio has created a tool to help shoppers find the best electricity rate in their area. Known as the PUCO apples to apples, this comparison shopping site is a great resource for consumers to make an informed decision when selecting their next retail energy supplier. However, there are other resources available for Ohio consumers to use beyond this tool to compare the market and land on an optimal plan for their specific needs.

What is Energy Choice Ohio?

Energy choice in Ohio is a deregulated market that gives energy consumers the opportunity to select their own provider for their electric and natural gas generation. This has given millions of Ohioans the power to choose a supplier for their home or business that meets their unique needs while still receiving reliable service from their local utility company.

As a result of the state’s deregulation, many consumers are switching their energy supplier companies to take advantage of better prices and contract terms. This has led to a more competitive market where millions of Ohioans are now saving money on their energy bills each month.

Choosing the right energy provider for your home or business can seem daunting with the many options and varying contracts. Many consumers have been successful with the PUCO apples to apples website, a tool designed to give Ohioans information about their available energy supplier options in their specific service territory. The tool displays a list of offers in random order, so it is up to consumers to search the entire list to find the best possible offer.

Another important aspect of the PUCO apple to apples is that it only shows offers from certified Ohio electricity suppliers and aggregators. This helps to ensure that shoppers are not viewing a biased list of only the most popular offers from certain companies. This is why it is recommended that consumers also look at other websites for a more comprehensive view of the energy marketplace.

The PUCO apple to apples website has been updated to include information about natural gas options as well, since the deregulated market has expanded to encompass more than just electricity. The website is easy to navigate and includes a variety of useful information for residents and businesses looking for the best possible electricity rates in Ohio.

Other useful information on the PUCO apples to apples site includes general customer rights, an electric map of Ohio, and steps for switching to a new provider. Consumers can also find information about how to read their electric meter, file a complaint against a supplier and more.

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